Kame Hou$e 206

Shows at Kame House:

  • Please hang out inside, in the side driveway, or in back (essentially just not in front of the house). Please respect our neighbors.
  • Live music starts around 9 and ends by 11:30pm.
  • Most shows will have 3 acts.
  • Shows at Kame Hou$e by and large happen only on Fridays and Saturdays
  • For location, ask someone around/message us on FB/email us with the subject line Location?
  • If you are interested in booking a show at Kame Hou$e or in getting us involved in producing a show/event elsewhere, hit us up at kamelolkame333@gmail.com OR message us on FB with the subject line Booking and the following items:
    • Name of act
    • Links to music
    • Date/dates you are inquiring for (make sure to look at the schedule first and verify that those dates are not already listed)
    • Local acts you want to be on the bill with
    • If you have a prospective full 3 act bill you want to pitch to us, let us know

IMPORTANT: At our events, we have a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY for harassment of any kind, including but not limited to: race, color, national origin, gender, gender identity, gender presentation, sexual orientation, age, body size, disability, appearance, religion, citizenship, or pregnancy.

Harassment includes but is not limited to: stalking, verbal or physical intimidation, offensive verbal comments, physical assault and/or battery, harassing or non-consensual photography or recording, bathroom policing, inappropriate physical contact, and unwelcome physical attention.